4 Tips for Preparing for an Interview

Whether you have done thousands of interviews or only a handful, preparation is important to your success and the success of your message. which is the whole reason why you want to do an interview. So, take a few moments to review our 4 Tips for Preparing for an Interview.

  1. What are the three things you want the reporter and their viewers to know and understand about your organization, event, etc.? This will help you focus on your talking points.
  2. Write down a couple of talking points. Yes, you are the expert and you know your organization better than anyone, but when faced with questions or the bright light of a camera, it is best to have a couple of thoughts in your back pocket? Refer back to the three things that you want the viewers to know as your guide.
  3. Put yourself in the reporter’s shoes and anticipate possible questions. Your organization or area of expertise is complex and complicated; reporters are not an expert in your organization or field. They are experts in telling a good story quickly. Help them understand your organization or area of expertise and they will tell a better story. No matter how small or obscure the question may seem, how would you answer it?

    Try to role play before your interview, you play you and someone else plays a reporter. Keep in mind, if your response to a question is, “Oh, they won’t ask that,” chances are they will and you had better have a response.

  4. You’re prepared and ready. Now it is time for the interview. Take a couple of very deep breaths and remember: you are the expert, you know this material, keep a confident smile on your face, if appropriate, look at the reporter and listen to the question fully prior to answering. You will do great.

You will never regret the time you take to prepare for an interview, and with these four tips, you can prepare quickly and efficiently.