5 Tips for Your 2014 Social Media Strategy

Will 2014 be the death of the #hashtag? We might not get that lucky, but here are a few things you should consider for your 2014 Social Media Strategy.

Hand over your pennies for paid advertising

From its start, social media has always been pitched as an almost no-cost platform for getting your message out. So when the idea of paid social advertising is brought up, it is understandable that clients become hesitant. However, $50 in social media advertising goes a lot further than one might think – it is an especially inexpensive way to reach people who may like your brand, they just haven’t found you online.

Leverage social platforms with paid advertising options including Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and even LinkedIn.

Snap to Chat

Business Insider recently reported that 25 percent of teens have deleted their Facebook accounts and are instead switching to photo-sharing platforms like Instagram and Vine. With easy social share options, try using Instagram as your home base for photos so younger audiences can still interact with your page.

But don’t forget to text

Even though photos are highly engaged with, it’s also good to add in a little bit of variety. With Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, it’s important to alternate between text, media, and link-based posts so that you remain visible in news feeds.

Employees are your #1 Cheerleaders

Your likes and shares have to start from somewhere. Establish an in-office Social Media policy that encourages your employees to like the page, like your statuses, recommend the page to their friends, and even share updates. Assure them that their privacy is respected, but also help them understand that the more they engage with the business, the more others will.

Engagement over just followers

Everybody wants to have a million followers. However, what matters most is quality not quantity. Use contests, ask questions, and encourage shares to know that your fans are paying attention.