Bauserman (Now Foundry) Launches New Site

We knew right out of the gate that ours wasn’t going to be the coolest site ever on the web. You can’t play games on it. There’s no morphing tool. It doesn’t even have one of those nifty progress bars. And that’s okay with us. Making a “hip” site is one thing, but having it function best for your needs is another. For us, we wanted the site to ultimately reflect our experience and the serious approach we take to the work we do for clients, while being streamlined, attractive and content-rich.

We also wanted it to be a “best practices” web site, one that we feel fits well with where we are as a company – well-rounded in the areas of strategic thinking, creative development, communication, web and social media, and government affairs. The work is easy to navigate and accessible across all platforms. The look is clean and refined. The information is direct and informative. The blog postings give a glimpse into what’s happening in the agency and provide SEO support. And the Facebook postings and Twitter feeds allow us to reach out socially in a manner that we think best suits our approach.

Okay, so there’s a lot of patting on the back going on here. But the point really is not to toot our own horn, but to drive home the fact that as an ad agency, we felt this was the most strategic approach to creating an effective site. This is how we approach every project, and every client’s needs are very different. It has been a great experience pulling it together, and we look forward to continuing to nurture our site and continue the evolution.

It’s been fun.