Location-Based Targeting strategies for 2022

As an integrated marketing agency that provides digital marketing services to clients in multiple industries, we are often asked about geographical and location-based targeting strategies. As with many things, improvements in technology have opened the door to opportunities that were impossible for all but the largest companies even a few years ago. But along with this innovation has come a lot of complexity, confusion and way too many buzzwords.

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Why Video Length Matters

how long should my video be

A quick guide to long and short-form video content I’m Kevin Stamps, I’m the director of the production department here at Foundry. Throughout my time here I’ve worked with clients on both large and small video and photography production. If you’ve been involved in any aspect of video creation, you’ve probably been on one end

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Creating a Successful Social Media Campaign

Successful social media campaigns. We love them. We want them. But how do we build them? Just because your 14-year-old cousin amassed an impressive Instagram following in six months by winging it doesn’t mean you should follow suit. Your brand deserves a sound social media campaign strategy. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few concrete

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To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag? The Dos and Dont’s of the 2016 Olympics

Olympic Hashtag No Nos woman swimming

Hashtags are one of the strongest tools a company can use in a digital marketing campaign—they are free, easy to use, draw attention, promote content and create conversations. Developing a successful hashtag is marketing gold. They give your target audience a way to look for you. When implemented correctly, click-through rates increase, search queries increase

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Death Star PR: Three Ways the Galactic Empire Could Have Benefited From Good (Even Decent) PR

Darth Vader Masked Individual

Mos Eisely Spaceport, Tattooine (May 4, 2016)- One of my earliest memories is of watching Star Wars. To my innocent young mind everything about the galaxy far far away was black and white. Old Ben and Luke Skywalker were the architects of the shining city upon the hill and Darth Vader and his stormtroopers were

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Insights: Yelp Success with Stacee Soter

yelp app photo

In the last year, Stacee Soter has taken P.F. Chang’s Yelp rating from 3 stars to 4 stars and helped the local company begin to overcome the chain restaurant stereotype during the latest foodie trend. “Stacee is the type of operator that just “Gets it” and I knew that from our first conversation. Stacee’s key

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Putting the “Man” in “Bauserwoman” PR

Connor Christiansen joined the Foundry as a Public Relations intern in May 2015. Connor focuses on writing press releases, coordinating interviews and, his favorite, posting to online community calendars. Occasionally, we let Connor break out of the intern corner and write for our blog. In honor of International Women’s Day, take a look at what

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