Kara Brown Joins Foundry as Chief Operating Officer

“Leaders inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.”

– John Quincy Adams

As a leading full-service marketing agency in Reno, we know how fundamental great leadership is to the success of our team. A great captain knows how to chart the mercurial seas of marketing, keep her sailors creatively nourished, and not only keep the ship afloat, but thriving in the seas of change.

Which is why we are proud to introduce you to Kara Brown, our new chief of operations. Kara will be taking the helm of S.S. Foundry and overseeing every facet of internal operations, including managing our rapidly growing crew and navigating our ship as we sail deeper into the vast expanse of digital marketing.

Okay, enough with the maritime analogies and more on Kara!

With over 24 years of marketing and management experience, Kara has built quite a name for herself in the industry. As anyone who has worked in Reno’s marketing and media bubble for longer than five minutes knows, your reputation often precedes you.

Well, word on the street is Kara is a results-oriented executive that gets things done with integrity. A little birdie also told us she’s forward thinking, insightful, innovative, and a strategic planner. As you can imagine, we had a pretty good feeling about Kara coming in, and in two short weeks she’s already exceeded expectations.

Prior to joining Foundry, Kara spent the last six years at Time Shamrock, a national media company, in a variety of leadership positions, most recently as corporate director. There she successfully developed and implemented a digital division for the company. She’s also served on the board for the Nevada Broadcasters and was inducted into the Nevada Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame.

Yeah, we thought that was cool too.

When we asked Kara how she felt about joining the Foundry clan, she didn’t hesitate to make us blush a little.

“I am excited to be joining a team as smart, strategic and results focused as the group at Foundry,” said Kara. “I have always had the utmost respect for Jim Bauserman and the way that he leads, operates and cares for his clients and his team. After meeting with the other great minds within the organization, it is no surprise that the company has achieved such incredible client loyalty and growth. I’m honored to share in the future of this already very successful company”

Daw, stop it.

When she’s not busy steering the S.S. Foundry, she can be found skiing, watching sports, hitting the links, or enjoying Tahoe with her two children, Jack and Hope,

Welcome to the team, Kara. We’re thrilled to have you on board!