Agency Rebrand: The Steps We Took

When is the right time to rebrand? For us, the time was now because we have grown and realized fundamental changes in our company, mainly experience. I remember being the youngest person in the first agency I worked for. Now I’m the oldest. I suppose time does that to us all. Time also provides us with experiences that help shape us as professionals. A lot has happened in my 23 years in the business, and I wanted the experience that I’ve gained as an individual and that we’ve gained as a company to be reflected in our new brand and resulting web site. Here is how we went about it, specifically as it related to our new web site design:

1. Self Discovery

We started by having a very honest conversation with ourselves. What do we stand for? What do others think about us? Where are we strong? Where are we weak? What do we want to say about ourselves? What is the competition doing? What are potential clients looking for in an advertising agency these days?…and so on.

2. Believing In Who Are We

After the enjoyment and pain of step one, we moved on to the cumbersome and ultimately freeing exercise of deciding what we wanted to stand for moving forward…as the agency that instills instant confidence, long-term stability, professionalism in our marketing, and approachability in our service.

3. Developing The Brand Look & Message

Next, we decided that it was a good time in our brand exploration to throw some fun and inspiration into the process, so we began designing, based on creating the best approach and identity for delivering our messages. Based on most business pitches that we’ve been in, potential clients want to see the work and learn about the agency’s experience. We took it in that order, beginning with a new web site and collateral material, and put our work front and center, then followed with some brief but pointed information about our company.

4. Bringing It Together & Keeping It Together

With the new site up and identity package completed, now comes the time to practice what we preach through effective self-promotion. We are dedicated to continuing efforts to update the site/social media while always looking for new ways to improve our agency and bring better results to clients.