Is the Press Release Dead?

In this video, Michael Pranikoff from PR Newswire answers that continually popular question: “Is the press release dead?”

As a PR professional, I have watched the “Is the press release dead?” conversation take place my entire career.

The answer, in short, is no.

However, that does not mean that anyone practicing PR out there has free reign to throw a bunch of words on paper that he or she feels is “newsworthy” and send it to every media outlet in town.

What it does mean is that as a true professional, you have an obligation to produce thoughtful, useful, helpful content.

It may require you to convince a client that a two-paragraph-long quote is not appropriate. It may require that you spend time doing research and gathering information on your own. And it may require some time with your nose spent in the AP Stylebook. But in the long run, it will keep you from having your name added to the “blocked senders” list.

Here are a few tips on how to make sure your press release isn’t on the fast track to the local cemetery.

1. Write a good lead – include only relevant, factual information that answers all basic questions right off the bat.

2. When writing, ask yourself, “Who Cares and Why?” and then write your content accordingly.

3. Include links to more information and make sure you’re using terms that are searchable.

4. Write well – include all the necessary information without being redundant or fluffy – create useful, smart content!

5. Put yourself in their shoes…be respectful of the fact that all e-mails take time to read and time, after all, is money. And we hate wasting either!

6. On the same note, put yourself in the customer’s shoes….if you were searching for information on this topic, what terms would you search? What information would you be seeking? What would be most helpful to you?