Moving to the Montage

Foundry is gearing up for a big 2016! We are currently in the midst of evolving our brand, and a big step in that process is re-evaluating our office. As you may have read or seen in the news, owner Jim Bauserman recently purchased the commercial space in The Montage (along with Stacie Mathewson).

What does this mean for Foundry? For starters, it means we’re moving! It is also an opportunity to redefine our workspace, help shape our company culture and make a positive impact on downtown Reno.

Because the Montage commercial space is currently completely empty, we won’t be moving right away. The goal is to have the construction project completed and our agency moved into our new office by mid to late 2016.

We recently took a group trip to The Montage to see the new space and share ideas. One of the most exciting things about this project is the fact that Jim and Co-Creative Directors Chad Antos and Steven Aramini are helping design the space to ensure it not only meets the creative and functional needs of the agency, but also serves as an inspiring environment for staff, clients and the community as a whole.

I sat down with Jim to get the inside scoop on what to expect.

Foundry Montage Reno

A: What is your overall vision of the Foundry/Montage Office project?
J: To create an inspiring and functional work space that will be a long-term positive addition to downtown Reno.

A: What is your hope for downtown Reno? How will the commercial space being occupied in the Montage help/affect that vision?
J: I look at our space as one more addition to the revitalization of downtown, which began years ago before the economic downturn and continues today under our new city leaders.

A: What does this move mean for Foundry Clients? What can people expect from Foundry in the next few years?
J: Clients can expect the same quality of work we’ve always strived to deliver. That said, I do expect this space to inspire our team and agency. I also hope it helps us continue to attract top talent in the market. This move is going to be a positive influence on our work now and going forward! As for what people can expect – they can expect us to come out of the gate with efforts to support our city and our downtown area.

A: How have we been able to partner with local businesses to make this project happen?
J: It’s early in the process but we will only utilize the work of local designers and contractors for our buildout. We’ve been able to work with our client, H+K Architects, as the architecture firm for the project.

A: How are our Co-Creative Directors helping design the space? How do you feel this benefits the project?
J: Steven Aramini and Chad Antos will work closely with H+K Architects on the design, along with the involvement and input from everyone in the company. This goes to the new direction of the company – more collaboration and leadership from the people that are the true future of the company.

A: What kind of feel are we going for with the new space?
J: A space reflective of the Montage architecture; clean, functional and inspiring.

A: Is there anything you are using for inspiration as we design the new space?
J: Not anything architectural necessarily but more what we want the place to feel like for employees, clients and the families of our employees. We want it to be a place that people enjoy working in and visiting. An inspiring atmosphere for employees and a cool spot to drop by for a coffee or a pint of beer.

A: Anything else you’d like to add?
J: It’s not just us! The partnership with Stacie Mathewson really opened up this opportunity for us. It was her parallel vision for improving downtown and her investment in purchasing the majority of the retail space that made the deal work.

As the project continues to develop, I’ll be sure to give you more updates on our progress, sharing our vision for the new Foundry brand and what it means to you.