One Year Down: A Year in Our New Offices


It has officially been a year since we moved into our swanky new downtown digs in The Montage. The re-definition of our office space was a huge part of our rebranding process; we wanted to make sure that it screamed Foundry as soon as you walked through the door. By making the move into our new space we were able to create a flexible, fun, and inspiring work environment.

F stands for family here at Foundry, so when we designed our new office we aimed to make that sense of family and community apparent. What resulted was an open and flexible office space that promotes creativity and collaboration.

According to our director of traffic/production Aislinn Mueller, “Our old office was just so plain. Now every day we walk into a space in the heart of downtown that inspires creativity. You can feel there is just so much more energy.”

Safe to say, we’re loving our new home.

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Along with the new logo, name, and location, our move has welcomed new challenges and a ton of new faces. Since our move, we have introduced 22 new people into the Foundry family and we are continuing to grow.

Since starting in January, account coordinator Janell Garcia says, “This is such an exciting place to work. It is not hard to get out of bed in the morning when you know there are such good people you get to work with.”

In the past year we have gone through an exciting evolution as a company. Rebranding, moving, and growing has been an incredible new experience, but the best part is: this is only the beginning!

Stay tuned for more from us here at Foundry.

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