“See First” Facebook Update

For months, businesses have been playing the “Facebook Game” – a game of strategy and skill to ensure their content shows up in their follower’s newsfeeds.  Although this game can be easily won with advertising dollars, there is still a desire to crack the code with a natural, organic reach.  Tech Crunch recently reported, “Facebook is rolling out to the U.S. a way to choose friends and Pages they want to “See First” atop the feed.”  What does this mean for the “Facebook Game?” It means that for one of the first time, Facebook is allowing users to decide what content they want filtered in and out of their feed, making their experience more personalized.  In turn, it’s likely that Facebook will become even more addicting.

For marketers, this is exciting because it means that our followers can ensure that they see our content, without us having to increase budgets and spend more advertising dollars to reach them.  So, how do you tastefully tell your fans about this new feature and ask them to choose to see you first? Here are a few steps:

1. Check your content. 

Make sure you have quality content. One way to tell if your posts are strong is to look at the engagement on your page. If you have little to no engagement, chances are you need to re-think your content strategy before asking your followers to see you first. While this means taking a step back, it’s absolutely necessary. And remember, quality of quantity, always. If you have strong content and good engagement on your posts you can move on to step number two.

2. Create your “ask.” 

It’s easy to put out a Facebook post that says “Choose to See Us First.” However, it’s not likely to be effective because the general population will not understand what “See First” means. In order to have the most effective post, here are a few sub steps to take before you publish.

Consider your voice: While generic content is easy to push out, it can quickly lose traction. Adding character and humor (depending on your brand) to your social media pages can go a long way. For example, here’s how this business might ask people to view them first:

See First Example Post

Educate your followers: This change is relatively new and most Facebook users are not aware of it yet. You can write out the steps, include a photo, or both to help your followers understand. We would recommend doing both. Here is an example of what it would look like:HR Screenshot for See First Blog Post


3. Publish your post!

You might want to consider boosting this post to your current followers. Although it involves spending money now, if they choose to “see you first” it can reduce your advertising budget to this group in the future.

4. Monitor your results.

While you won’t get a notification when someone chooses to see you first and there are currently no “insights” about this feature, you could see an increased reach for your posts. Be sure to monitor this and re-post your request every other month to make sure your new followers see it.