Creating a Successful Social Media Campaign

Successful social media campaigns. We love them. We want them. But how do we build them?

Just because your 14-year-old cousin amassed an impressive Instagram following in six months by winging it doesn’t mean you should follow suit. Your brand deserves a sound social media campaign strategy.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a few concrete steps to help you create a successful campaign.

1. Set Clear Goals
The most important step in creating a successful social media campaign is defining what success looks like for your campaign. Is your goal to grow your following, increase your engagement, create awareness or drive more leads to your site? Understanding what you are specifically trying to accomplish will enable you to lay out clear goals.

Once you establish your goal, distinguish which metrics you will monitor to measure your success. For example, if your goal is to drive more leads to your site, make sure you’re using trackable UTM links that are created specifically for each social media platform.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media Tools
From social listening tools to optimizing and scheduling tools, there are plenty of great resources out there waiting to be leveraged. Social listening tools are handy for tracking what people are saying about your brand outside of your direct social media channels. It’s important that you’re privy to what customers are saying within all industries, from hospitality to products. Mention, Sprout Social, Simply Measured, Keyhole and Hootsuite are examples of a few great social listening tools.

As for scheduling and planning tools, Sprout Social and Planoly are two game-changers. These two platforms are great for looking ahead and making sure your campaign has a cohesive message. Planoly offers the extra added benefit of also planning that beautiful grid your brand is going for on Instagram.

3. Define your Audience
During the planning phase of your campaign, conduct a deep dive into your brand’s social media and web analytics and determine exactly who you are trying to reach with your campaign and how this aligns with your goals.

4. Leverage Influencers
If it aligns with your brand and campaign goals, consider using influencers to reach your target market. Having a social media influencer get behind your campaign is a very effective way to get a specific message to a specific audience, reach more potential customers, and raise awareness of your brand/product. A great tool for locating micro-influencers and influencers is Moju.

5. Stay Engaged!
Never set it then forget it! This is the most crucial step in running a successful social media campaign. Plan out the entire campaign from start to finish with engaging content. Make sure you are monitoring your entries, clicks, comments, shares, engagement and more. Take advantage of user-generated content if it fits your aesthetic and goals. Take the time to respond to comments and questions.

6. Measure your Success
Do a deep dive into your data and analytics. What worked well? What could you improve on next? By assessing your campaign’s performance you’ll glean some great information about how your audience is responding to your campaign. Remember, there’s always room to grow.


Callie Crawford is the Social Media Director at Foundry Ideas. Callie handles all social media strategy, planning, implementation and reporting.

When she’s not creating amazing social media campaigns for her clients, Callie likes to spend time in nature, whether that’s skiing the Sierra Nevadan slopes to enjoying sunny days on the beach.

Find Callie here or on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.