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One Year Down: A Year in Our New Offices

ONE YEAR DOWN It has officially been a year since we moved into our swanky new downtown digs in The Montage. The re-definition of our office space was a huge part of our rebranding process; we wanted to make sure that it screamed Foundry as soon as you walked through the door. By making the

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Moving to the Montage

The Montage side view

Foundry is gearing up for a big 2016! We are currently in the midst of evolving our brand, and a big step in that process is re-evaluating our office. As you may have read or seen in the news, owner Jim Bauserman recently purchased the commercial space in The Montage (along with Stacie Mathewson). What

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Reno Rodeo Names Bauserman Group (Now Foundry) Agency for Public Relations and Social Media

The Reno Rodeo has selected the Foundry, a Reno-based advertising, marketing and communications agency to provide public relations and social media to the “Wildest, Richest, Rodeo in the West” which just celebrated its 95th year.

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4 Tips for Preparing for an Interview

Whether you have done thousands of interviews or only a handful, preparation is important to your success and the success of your message. which is the whole reason why you want to do an interview. So, take a few moments to review our 4 Tips for Preparing for an Interview.

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Holiday Giving Roundup

This time of year, there are so many easy ways to give back. Help an elderly neighbor shovel the driveway once the snow hits. Start a chain of random acts of kindness by paying for the coffee order of the stranger in the car behind you in the drive-through. Or give back on a bigger

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Advice to Graduates

So you’ve landed your first job. Now what? A bouquet of bright sharpies sits next to my black inbox, telephone and computer on a crisp white desk. The cursor on the screen taunts me to begin typing. I’ve officially begun my first professional job. I joined Foundry as a full-time employee in January. Transitioning from

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