To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag? The Dos and Dont’s of the 2016 Olympics

Olympic Hashtag No Nos woman swimming

Hashtags are one of the strongest tools a company can use in a digital marketing campaign—they are free, easy to use, draw attention, promote content and create conversations. Developing a successful hashtag is marketing gold. They give your target audience a way to look for you. When implemented correctly, click-through rates increase, search queries increase

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10 Examples of Businesses capitalizing on the Pokémon Craze.

RenoTahoe Usa Instagram Post

If you haven’t experienced the Pokémon GO craze first-hand yet, we can almost guarantee your life has been touched by one of the estimated 7.5 million aspiring Pokémasters who are stumbling around neighborhoods, parks and malls on the hunt for imaginary creatures.  We’ve heard and read about hundreds of businesses throughout the country taking full

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Super Bowl 50 Commercials Bring Their (Multi) Million Dollar Ideas

Super Bowl 50 Blue Angels Flying Over

With the average Super Bowl commercial costing $166,666 per second, according to USA Today, advertisers did all they could to make every second count. Some were cute, some were funny, some were sobering, some were just, well, bad (we’re looking at you, Jublia). Here were a few that made memorable impressions on our Co-Creative Director, Steven

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Foundry Heads to Nationals

Today, we received word that we are a Gold District Winner in the 2014 American Advertising Awards, making us a National American Advertising Awards finalist. The award goes to the “What Beer Are You?” poster created for a DynaGraphics customer appreciation party.

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Down the Pinterest Rabbit Hole

“The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well.” – Horace Walpole

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Q&A with Foundry’s Grammar Girl

Do you constantly have to grab for the AP Stylebook throughout your work day? Is it “lay” or is it “lie”? Should I use “affect” or “effect”? What about “who” vs. “whom”? My go-to resource has become Mignon Fogarty — better known as “Grammar Girl” — of Her website and podcast provide — well just what you’d think: quick

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Foundry Wins Best Print & Outdoor

Advertising awards shows are a double-edge sword. On the one hand, they’re a great opportunity to get your work out into the ad community, grab a few kudos (not to mention some shiny hardware), and gain validation that you are in fact the kings and queens of the advertising world. On the other hand, the

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