Social Media Advertising

Creating a Successful Social Media Campaign

Successful social media campaigns. We love them. We want them. But how do we build them? Just because your 14-year-old cousin amassed an impressive Instagram following in six months by winging it doesn’t mean you should follow suit. Your brand deserves a sound social media campaign strategy. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few concrete

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To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag? The Dos and Dont’s of the 2016 Olympics

Olympic Hashtag No Nos woman swimming

Hashtags are one of the strongest tools a company can use in a digital marketing campaign—they are free, easy to use, draw attention, promote content and create conversations. Developing a successful hashtag is marketing gold. They give your target audience a way to look for you. When implemented correctly, click-through rates increase, search queries increase

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10 Examples of Businesses capitalizing on the Pokémon Craze.

RenoTahoe Usa Instagram Post

If you haven’t experienced the Pokémon GO craze first-hand yet, we can almost guarantee your life has been touched by one of the estimated 7.5 million aspiring Pokémasters who are stumbling around neighborhoods, parks and malls on the hunt for imaginary creatures.  We’ve heard and read about hundreds of businesses throughout the country taking full

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Top 5 Takeaways from the “Yelp for Your Business – 101” Event

Yelp Event

Top 5 Takeaways from the “Yelp for Your Business – 101” Event, Hosted by Foundry Last week we hosted Michael Tragash, Yelp’s Senior Community Manager for Reno, to teach our clients and contacts about Yelp for Business. There was a lot of information dispensed throughout the hour-long presentation, so we’ve compiled our Top 5 Takeaways from

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Is Snapchat Getting (too) Political?

Since its debut in 2011/2012 Snapchat has continued to impress with innovated updates to their app, content and advertising options.  And, just recently, they did it again.  If you haven’t heard, yesterday Greece voted on the future of their economy, determining whether or not they will accept financial help from Europe. Snapchat didn’t miss a beat. Their

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Bauserman Group (Now Foundry) Goes to San Francisco

This March, our social media department attended the 2015 EyeforTravel’s Social Media & Mobile Conference in San Francisco, where leading experts and innovators from around the world came to share their expertise. Along with the delicious food and beauty San Francisco has to offer, we walked out with these key takeaways. Using Social Media to

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Reno Rodeo Names Bauserman Group (Now Foundry) Agency for Public Relations and Social Media

The Reno Rodeo has selected the Foundry, a Reno-based advertising, marketing and communications agency to provide public relations and social media to the “Wildest, Richest, Rodeo in the West” which just celebrated its 95th year.

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Social Media Image Sizing Infographic

Have you searched for “social media image sizes” one too many times? Us too. The ever-changing image sizes can be challenging to keep up with, and no one infographic has all of the sizing info we most frequently search for, so we created our own. It’s current (currently). Make sure to check back; we’ll update

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A Media Buyer’s Dream Come True

Facebook recently announced that they will introduce mobile ads to their advertising platform. Considering that they’re on the forefront of changing the digital world and have one of the most downloaded mobile apps, why is it that they’re one of the last to jump on the bandwagon, I wonder? Apparently, my thoughts haven’t gone unnoticed.

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