The Method to the Foundry March Madness

Spring at the Foundry office signifies many things. It is the time when our creative team incorporates flowers, leprechauns and rainbows into the dozens of casino logos we create for our clients. It’s when our PR and social media teams begin to gear up for the incoming special event season, and when our web team starts to switch over websites from winter interfaces to summer. And, come March, it means that the annual March Madness brackets get passed around, and suddenly our tight-knit “Foundry Fam” becomes bitter rivals as dozens of us vie for the coveted prize of becoming the reigning Foundry March Madness bracket champion.

For some, setting brackets is a scientific method that requires hours of research, cross checking expert picks and Vegas odds, filling out several practice brackets before finally locking in picks.

For others, it’s all a guessing game; no strategy, just vibes.

We asked our office how they approach their March Madness bracket and it’s safe to say this is a subject we are passionate about:

“I’m always down for a competition – although I’m not a huge fan of basketball and know nothing about the teams in the tournament.”

“I just really like to see if luck is on my side.”

“I love the one-and-done aspect of March Madness, you just have to accept your initial decisions and not update every week like Fantasy Football.”

“I welcome any opportunity to win a trophy, even if it’s just the hypothetical or bragging rights sorts.”

When asked if there is any research involved in their picks, the general consensus was that it is a group effort:

“My research includes talking to my guy friends who follow sports.”

“Google & my husband’s sports knowledge.”


 And of course, everyone has their superstitions:

“I choose the winner based on which mascot I like best.”

“I always try and root for a West Coast team to win.”

“I will never pick my alma mater to make it to the end, same way you never say there’s a no-hitter in progress. It’s bad luck.”