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Billboard & Outdoor Ad Design That Delivers Big Impact

Outdoor advertising is the most cost-effective way to reach mass audiences and build awareness quickly. Concise, compelling content, eye-catching design and strategic placement delivers your message to a significant share of a target market and helps drive customer search intent. In fact, studies show that nearly half of U.S. consumers have sought additional online information after engaging with a billboard (Nielsen). When used in conjunction with other marketing channels, outdoor can significantly boost your campaign’s performance.

What do we mean when we talk about outdoor advertising? This large category includes pretty much any visual advertising that reaches people outside of their home. This means traditional and digital billboards, of course, but also ads placed in transportation hubs like airports, train stations and bus shelters, those found on the sides of buses and taxis, and displays in movie theaters, shopping malls and other commercial centers.

As a full-service advertising agency, Foundry offers outdoor ad design and billboard design services that generate audience awareness, engagement and leads, and deliver significant return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

What to Expect When Working With Us

Foundry specializes in billboard and outdoor ad design services. We know the ability of outdoor ads to build brand awareness, drive traffic and get results, and we have seen this impact magnified when employed as part of a larger advertising campaign strategy. That is why, as with all of our clients, we spend time getting to know your organization’s brand, goals and budget. We then work to integrate all your communications with our outdoor ad design and placement services.

Our creative services team – including graphic designers, photographers, copywriters and others – offers full design and content creation services. In addition to producing amazing design work, clients count on our ability to meet tight turnaround times and deadlines needed for billboard and outdoor placement. At the same time, our planning and buying team leverages their knowledge of media platforms and markets spanning the country, from large metro areas to smaller, rural communities. We build a placement strategy around your brand, allowing you to speak directly to your target audience in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Billboard & Outdoor Services

From outstanding design and content generation to efficient, targeted media placement, Foundry is an outdoor ad agency that does it all.

Our creative services team specializes in delivering high-impact billboard and outdoor ad design. This means:

  • Understanding your organization’s story, goals and communication strategy
  • Distilling your message (industry standard suggests seven words or less)
  • Choosing on-brand, readable fonts
  • Employing attention-grabbing, relevant, high-resolution imagery
  • Making use of bold, high-contrast colors
  • Testing designs for readability and effectiveness

Once a design is approved, our media planning and buying team has decades of experience placing these outdoor ads on the following platforms:


The most traditional – and still the most common – form of outdoor advertising is the billboard. With nearly 350,000 displays along local and state roads and nearly every major highway in the United States, billboards can’t be missed (Statista).

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards can quickly update advertising content with very low production costs, integrate live-streamed data and target consumers based on demographics, behavior and more. Though they comprise less than 3 percent of current billboards, their dynamic, flexible format has turned them into a fast-growing and highly sought-after sector of the outdoor ad market (Statista).

Transit Ads

Ads placed on public transportation vehicles function as moving billboards, reaching consumers throughout a given geographic area, including locations that may not support traditional ad displays. Additionally, advertising placed in transportation hubs such as airports, train stations or bus depots is a highly effective way to reach business and leisure travelers or commuters.

Location-Based Ads

Movie theaters – with their captive audiences – have long been a staple of out-of-home advertising, as have stadiums, shopping malls, retail stores and restaurants. Increasingly, traditional, mostly static, ads have been supplanted by digital location-based advertising, which allows organizations to connect with consumers through timely, relevant and customized marketing messages.

“Our relationship with Foundry goes back over 20 years. Together, we have worked hard to create a distinctive brand for Dolan Auto Group that we feel is truly unique in the automotive category. They bring big ideas, work well with our team and are a very valued partner.”

– Ryan Dolan, Principal-CEO, Dolan Auto Group