Brand & Identity

It’s Your Brand. Own It. 

The big idea is out there. But like most rare and valuable items, it is not always easy to find. It takes hard work, the right team and know-how that can only come with decades of experience. As an established creative branding agency, that kind of dedication, teamwork, and expertise are Foundry’s specialty. Together, we’ll be your guide to greatness and your partner in success.

Based on your needs, we can help you craft your brand positioning and strategy, brand style guide, launch strategy and, of course, the messaging itself.

What to Expect When Working With Us

The journey to any brand begins with an exploration of your product or service to unearth information about who you are and what you want to be. During this discovery process, we gather information, both from you and independently. Where budget allows, we perform market and consumer research.

Based on our findings, we develop an internal document that serves as a pure description of your brand – including tonality, imagery, marketing goals and brand position. This serves as a road map for both our team and yours as we move forward with our marketing efforts.

Throughout the process, we work closely with you to fine tune ideas, ensure we are on the same page and develop a campaign geared at elevating your brand. Through strategic thinking and a talented team, your brand is actualized – a smart approach that tells your story in an interesting, authentic and resonant fashion. Once a detailed plan and schedule have been developed and reviewed with you, we move forward and deploy all messaging.

But it doesn’t stop there. We pride ourselves on being as engaged and creative on day 300 as we are on day one. We closely monitor the effectiveness of the campaign and adjust messaging and media tactics as needed to maximize your budget and get the best results. One vision, one brand, one beautiful relationship is forged.

Our Branding Services

At Foundry, branding is more than a buzzword. It is more than a name or a logo. We believe that the best brands both embody and establish your identity. They provide a foundation of understanding for your customers and serve as a symbol of consistency, connection and trust.

Foundry’s understanding of brand as identity means that we take great care and pride in crafting brands that last, and we offer a variety of branding services to meet your organization’s needs.

“Our relationship with Foundry goes back over 20 years. Together, we have worked hard to create a distinctive brand for Dolan Auto Group that we feel is truly unique in the automotive category. They bring big ideas, work well with our team and are a very valued partner.”

– Ryan Dolan, Principal-CEO, Dolan Auto Group