Campaign Development

Campaign Development That Delivers

While we don’t like to play favorites at Foundry, we must admit that campaign development holds a special place in our hearts. It is, after all, a combination of the things we like best – strategy and creativity, planning and implementation, data and design.

What do we mean by campaign development? Simply put, it is the creation of an organized, holistic approach for connecting your message with your target audience to achieve your goals. It provides a framework for effective communication that takes into account a variety of factors, including brand, audience, market and media.

Foundry specializes in strategic campaigns built on creative, compelling and consistent narratives that can be deployed across any media. In an age of information saturation, this ability to deliver messaging that rises above the rest and resonates with your audience is critical to success. Additionally, our data-driven approach allows us to research markets, monitor results and refine tactics on an ongoing basis, helping deliver maximum return on investment for our clients.

As a full-service campaign development agency, Foundry brings together the expertise of our creative, data, digital, planning and buying specialists to streamline this often-complex process and create campaigns that clients and consumers love.

What to Expect When Working With Us

You’re ready to take your organization’s communication to the next level…now what? Foundry’s campaign development services are broken down into seven major stages.

  1. Define objective(s)
  2. First, we work closely with you to understand your organization’s mission, priorities, strengths and opportunities for growth, as well as the current climate in which you are operating. This informs the development of campaign objectives.

    Your campaign might be proactive, designed to capitalize on an opportunity to generate favorable public opinion or increase demand. If that is the case, examples of objectives include:

    • increasing brand awareness
    • establishing brand expertise or credibility
    • introducing a new product or service to market
    • generating additional leads or sales
    • creating community goodwill

    Alternatively, your campaign could be reactive, designed to address a specific situation that your organization faces. Either way, your objectives form the foundation for the next step of goal setting.

  3. Set goals
  4. While an objective is generally qualitative, goals tend to be quantitative in nature. They translate your broad vision for your organization and its messaging into targeted, actionable steps. Well-defined goals meet the “SMART” criteria:

    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Relevant and realistic
    • Time-bound

    For example, translating the objective “generating additional sales” into a quantifiable plan might include goals like “increase purchases made by new customers by 10 percent during the fourth quarter.”

  5. Perform market research
  6. Understanding and prioritizing the market(s) that you are trying to reach is key. Our market research takes into consideration geographic location, demographics, psychographics (e.g. values, interests, lifestyle) and consumer behavior, as well as the economic climate, market trends and competitors’ positioning.

    Today’s digital economy affords us a tremendous amount of information about consumer needs, attitudes and habits. Foundry’s data-driven market analysis allows us to identify with confidence the most appropriate target audience for your organization. Armed with this information, we are able to develop effective messaging and optimize media placements.

  7. Create messaging
  8. Based on your goals and target audience, we determine what your organization wants to say and how best to say it. This is where our creative services superstars really shine – distilling your key messages into effective content that is appropriate to your brand in tone and style and that resonates with your audience.

  9. Determine communication methods
  10. When it comes to media today, it seems that the options are endless. We have experience placing media across all major platforms, including “traditional” options like print, radio, television and billboards to website, social and digital media, including streaming media/services. A well-informed campaign strategy takes into account your goals, target audience and budget in all media planning.

  11. Implement programming
  12. After all that preparation, your messaging is ready to go live. We ensure all content or collateral is proofed, produced and provided to the appropriate parties, and we track media buys and schedules.

  13. Monitor and evaluate
  14. At Foundry, implementing your campaign is not the end of the story – it is the beginning of the sequel. We are constantly tracking results and analyzing outcomes in relation to your campaign goals. Ongoing monitoring allows us to evaluate and modify our tactics when needed to ensure that we are meeting your goals.

Our Campaign Development Services

Foundry takes pride in our strategic and well-rounded approach to helping brands reach their audience and their goals. Our team brings decades of experience to bear, providing a one-stop shop for all campaign development services.

Strategy, Research and Analysis

Our account executives and marketing strategists are experts at getting to know you and understanding the vision and goals that are the heart of your organization. They are our “big picture” people, marshaling timely and accurate information about your brand, target audience, climate and competitors and developing a strong strategy to guide campaign messaging and media.

Creative Development

The artistic souls in our creative services department are messaging gurus. They work to develop consistent, cohesive content that is reflective of your campaign strategy. Whether it is providing on-brand design, stirring print or smart digital copy, beautiful photography, professionally produced video, event planning or more, our creative team knows how to make you look your best.

Creative Media Planning and Buying

Our media team has decades of experience buying across all advertising channels in markets of all sizes. They can help determine the best media for your message and optimize the placement of that message based on your brand, budget and overall strategy.

Digital and Web Services

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the internet when it comes to sharing your message. That’s why we have an entire team dedicated to helping you reach consumers where they spend much of their time. From data analytics to search engine optimization to social media, our digital and web services team loves nothing more than implementing and evaluating your online strategy.

“Foundry leads through analysis, experience and creativity. They give high importance to our ROI in relation to marketing budget. The team members complement each other in real-world experience and offer solutions in and out of scope of work.  They are able to identify strategies to significantly increase our page rankings in a short amount of time. All meetings/discussions are fruitful with brainstorming, exceptional listening skills and deep understanding of the digital marketing world.”

– Tracy Harven, Chief Marketing Officer, Tableforce