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Marketing Collateral & Packaging
That Tie It All Together

There are numerous, often high-tech, ways to communicate with consumers today, and it can be easy to overlook more traditional methods. Yet professionally designed and printed marketing collateral – items like direct mail pieces, brochures and event materials – and packaging remain an extremely effective way to tell your brand’s story in physical settings and spaces.

Studies have shown that people process and respond to printed materials differently than those presented in a digital format. As a result, marketing collateral and packaging can have an outsized impact when it comes to establishing or enhancing brand awareness and credibility with consumers. This is particularly powerful when combined with compelling and cohesive messaging across other platforms.

At Foundry, our team has decades of experience in marketing collateral design and packaging design services, developing and delivering materials that actually end up in the hands of your current and potential customers.

What to Expect When Working With Us

At Foundry, we build all of our services around your brand, and our marketing collateral and packaging design services are no exception. From start to finish, we work to put your message and materials into customers’ hands, helping enhance consumer awareness and your bottom line.

In all cases, we begin by getting to know your organization, including your mission, goals and needs. This allows us to develop a collateral and packaging strategy that is consistent and appropriate to your brand. From there, our creative services team – including graphic designers, photographers, copywriters and others – offers full design and content creation services. Additionally, our account executives build upon established relationships with companies specializing in professional printing and promotional items to ensure we are delivering relevant, top-quality products that fit your brand, budget and distribution needs.

Our Marketing Collateral & Packaging Design Services

Foundry offers a variety of collateral and packaging design services. Whether you wish to enhance your brand with standalone marketing collateral or packaging or take a holistic approach and include them as part of a larger branding or marketing campaign, our team of experts is excited to help determine which collateral and packaging design options make sense for your organization.

Direct Mail

Direct mail remains an extremely effective method for connecting with your target audience in a very specific and personal way. It enjoys one of the highest ROI rates of any type of advertising for both current and potential customers, and it is particularly valuable – and trackable – when it comes to driving offline to online traffic and sales (Data & Marketing Association).

Brochures and Flyers

Whether you need literature to display in your office, around town or at an event, professionally designed and printed brochures or flyers allow you to present your product or service in a memorable manner and go a long way toward enhancing brand awareness and reputation.

Trade Show and Event Materials

When it comes to marketing collateral, the sky really is the limit. Opportunities to showcase your brand exist everywhere – from posters and table tents to electronic displays to branded giveaway items. If you can dream it, we want to help you do it.


Studies continue to show that the majority of purchase decisions are made in store, with 82 percent of consumers indicating they are more likely to buy a product once they have physically seen or held it (Shopkick). Effective packaging is key to helping your product stand out from the crowd and telling your brand’s story in a consistent way – from creating beautiful designs that define your visual identity to ensuring that your packaging meets all government and industry standards

“We have a strong relationship with Foundry. They were able to hit the ground running, producing quality work, on time and at a value for our properties from one end of the country to the other. We don’t consider them a vendor but an important part of our team.”

– Anthony Carano, President and COO, Caesars Entertainment