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Print Advertising That Promotes Your Brand

We’re here to say it: reports of print advertising’s death have been greatly exaggerated. In today’s digital world, it may seem that this traditional method of communicating with your audience is a relic of the past. In actual fact, print advertising often serves as a cornerstone of modern and successful media strategies.

As a full-service digital and print ad agency, Foundry knows that well-executed and well-placed print materials are extremely effective and cost-efficient when it comes to increasing brand awareness, enhancing your organization’s reputation among current and potential customers and even driving online traffic.

The research bears this out. Studies indicate that print ads stimulate multiple senses and that users process information presented in print differently (Forbes). As a result, they tend to spend more time reviewing print ads and enjoy greater comprehension and better recall of those ads.

Print is also considered particularly credible, with 82 percent of internet users indicating they trust it when making purchase decisions–the highest of any advertising medium (MarketingSherpa). And it is estimated that more than 40 percent of online purchases are driven by offline exposure such as print ads (Marketing Evolution).

All this is to say that there is still great value in print advertising, particularly when used as part of a multi-channel approach. Working with a digital and print ad agency partner like Foundry can help you reach your target audience in a variety of ways, reinforcing and strengthening your message and delivering a higher return on investment (ROI).

What to Expect When Working With Us

Foundry takes great pride in our work as an advertising agency for print media. Our team has decades of experience creating and placing print ads that are visually pleasing, effective and appropriate to your organization’s brand, goals, audience and budget.

As with all of our services, we take a strategic, research-driven approach, which allows us to determine what kind of print advertising is most suitable for your organization. From there, the copywriters in our creative services department work to develop content that is compelling, memorable and reflective of your brand, and our designers marry that content with beautiful, eye-catching images, from fonts to graphics to photography.

Our media planning and buying team employs state-of-the-art tools to analyze, segment and target your audience. They negotiate ad rates and secure premium placements in the appropriate markets and then monitor results to ensure we are meeting your organization’s objectives.

Depending upon your overall marketing strategy, we may also call in our digital and web services team to ensure that we are deploying consistent and comprehensive messaging across all platforms. And at each stage, we work closely with our clients to incorporate feedback and deliver the best product possible.

Our Print Advertising Services

Whether you want to supplement existing marketing efforts with effective print ads or develop an integrated campaign that reaches customers across a variety of platforms, Foundry’s team of experts can help determine which print advertising services are right for your organization.

Newspaper Placement

Newspapers still reach a broad swath of customers and are considered highly credible. Newspaper ads are particularly appropriate when your target audience is in a specific geographic location or less likely to be online (e.g. an older demographic). Local advertising rates tend to be reasonable, and many include both print and digital placement.

Magazine Placement

Like newspapers, magazine ads are seen as credible by consumers. Specialty publications allow us to hone in on your target audience according to demographics such as age, gender or income, psychographics such as hobbies, interests or lifestyle and much more. With higher advertising rates than newspapers, magazine placements tend to work best for national, regional or industry-specific brands.

Direct Mail

Direct mail remains an extremely effective method for connecting with your target audience in a very specific and personal way. It enjoys one of the highest ROI rates of any type of advertising for both current and potential customers, and it is particularly valuable – and trackable – when it comes to driving online traffic and sales (Data & Marketing Association).

“We have a strong relationship with Foundry. They were able to hit the ground running, producing quality work, on time and at a value for our properties from one end of the country to the other. We don’t consider them a vendor but an important part of our team.”

– Anthony Carano, President and COO, Caesars Entertainment

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