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You’ve heard the saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. Still images receive well-deserved credit for their ability to quickly convey ideas and emotions. And it stands to reason that videos, which incorporate both visual and auditory cues multiply this effect. In fact, a study by Dr. James McQuivey suggests that a 60-second video is worth 1.8 million words (Forrester).

As a creative video agency, we have seen firsthand how effectively video and photos capture and communicate concepts, especially those that are complex or nuanced. Video content, in particular, is strongly linked with increased user engagement, consumer retention, conversions and sales (Digital Marketing Institute). It is also extremely easy to access and consume. With nearly 3 billion smartphone users worldwide – 85 percent of U.S. adults – most individuals are accustomed to getting this content delivered straight to the screen in their pocket (Pew Research). On top of that, it is estimated that the average person watches 100 minutes of video per day (Zenith).

Given these numbers, it should come as no surprise that nearly 80 percent of organizations employ video as part of their marketing strategy (Digital Marketing Institute). With so much potential – and so much competition – Foundry’s professional photography and video production department is here to help you stand out from the crowd.

As a full-service creative agency, we take great pride in working closely with our clients to ensure the highest quality concept, production and placement for their videos and photos. Our team has decades of experience using these powerful media to tell our clients’ stories and reach consumers where they are, and we are excited to help you do the same.

What to Expect When Working With Us

At Foundry, we love working with great people to create great products. As a full-service photography and video production firm, our team is with you from the moment we sit down to discuss your goals through concept execution and evaluation.

In the case of video production, the process is generally broken down into three stages:

  • Pre-Production: We work with our clients to conceptualize and plan with their target audience and goals in mind. We also craft a budget around their specific needs. This step includes everything from creating the shot list to casting talent to securing locations.
  • Production: We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure the final production is successful in its market. Our department is well-versed in everything from small, single-camera operations to large-crew, multi-day productions.
  • Post-Production: We utilize industry-leading software for editing, color grading, audio engineering, motion graphics and animation. Our team is skilled at employing these tools and trained to ensure the right tools are being used for each job, so our client’s needs and designated goals are being met in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

When it comes to photography, on any given day, our production team is involved in a wide range of projects. Our department takes advantage of the best training and education from top resources, as well as state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide unmatched excellence that is catered specifically to our client’s needs and goals.

Video and Photography Production Services

Foundry’s photography and video production department marries technical expertise with an ability to capture unique stories and an eye for compelling visual content. Our services range from small-scale projects to large-scale, multi-day productions with a full crew. No matter the size, we work closely with our clients and other members of the Foundry team to ensure that each project is finished in a manner that meets the client’s goals and delivers great return on investment.

Video Services

Today, the options for video seem endless. Foundry’s expert video production department helps you determine what concept, content and format work best for your organization. Some examples of our most common video services are below:

  • Commercials
    Long the stalwart of advertising, a 15-, 30- or 60-second commercial serves as a compelling, concise introduction to your organization’s product or service. It can be broadcast via traditional media like television or as online “pre-roll,” leading into featured video content.
  • Brand or Company Culture Videos
    Help your target audience connect emotionally to your organization. Highlight your mission, values or the daily experience of individuals at your company. These videos serve to differentiate you from the competition, humanize your brand and inspire consumer loyalty.
  • Educational or Explainer Videos
    As the name suggests, these videos “explain” something that potential consumers or even your own employees find relevant or valuable. This content marketing tactic goes beyond traditional advertising methods to help establish your brand’s expertise and grow customer awareness and conversions.
  • Product or Testimonial Videos
    Sometimes, the best way to sell your product or service is to simply showcase it by providing an overview, demonstration or customer testimonial. Increase brand credibility by letting potential consumers see the value firsthand or hear from those who have experienced it themselves.
  • Event Videos
    Increase your potential audience exponentially. Whether you wish to educate, entertain or inspire, we can arm you with a compelling video to make your next live or virtual event a success.
  • And more…
    If you can dream it, Foundry’s video production services can do it!

Photography Services

While it may seem the world is moving straight to video, there are still wonderful opportunities to show off your organization’s products and services using professional photography. In fact, bundling video and photography services is a great way to reach your target audience in a more comprehensive and consistent manner.

Our professional photography team has extensive experience in the following sectors:

  • Studio
  • Lifestyle
  • Gaming
  • Hospitality
  • Editorial
  • Product
  • Food
  • Automotive
  • Architecture

“Our relationship with Foundry goes back over 20 years. Together, we have worked hard to create a distinctive brand for Dolan Auto Group that we feel is truly unique in the automotive category. They bring big ideas, work well with our team and are a very valued partner.”

– Ryan Dolan, Principal-CEO, Dolan Auto Group

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