Content Marketing

Content Marketing That Creates Connections

Today’s consumers are savvy. They are used to quickly finding the information that they seek, often with just a few keystrokes. They increasingly avoid or ignore unsolicited advertising. And they have high expectations for the brands and products that they support.

How, then, do you make this consumer aware of your brand? And how do you inspire them to become a loyal customer?

The answer is content marketing. Content marketing is built around the needs of your audience. It seeks to identify their questions, problems, needs and wants. It then addresses those issues through the creation and dissemination of valuable, relevant content that educates, entertains or otherwise engages them.

As a full-service content marketing agency, Foundry specializes in creating compelling content and identifying the digital channels where your target audience will come in contact with it. Through a suite of content marketing services, we are able to forge connections with consumers, resulting in increased brand awareness, engagement and, ultimately, sales.

What to Expect When Working With Us

Content marketing engages because it is relevant, interesting and educational.  It provides answers to questions and solutions to problems. It establishes trust and credibility. And it nurtures relationships. It just so happens that these are also our aims when working with our clients.

We always say that good products and good people are at the heart of what we do. That is why we take the time to learn about and understand your brand, needs and goals. We know that there is nothing generic about your product, and we build a customized content marketing strategy around what makes you unique, selecting the most efficient and effective content marketing services and platforms for your organization and market. We also stay with you every step of the way, evaluating what works and making continuous improvements.

As an experienced content marketing and inbound marketing agency, Foundry has helped clients large and small connect with their audiences through inspired content. We leverage the talents of our full team, including account executives, data analysts, copy writers, designers, videographers, web developers, social media managers and more to provide tailored content marketing services that meet your goals and deliver the maximum return on investment (ROI).

Content Marketing:
The Foundation of Inbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is out. Inbound marketing is in. Have you heard something to this effect over the past decade and wondered what it meant?

At its core, outbound marketing interrupts consumers with generic advertising that they don’t need, don’t want or can’t use (think door-to-door sales, cold calls, pop-up ads). Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is tailored to your specific audience and their intent.

Instead of casting your advertising net far and wide and hoping that consumers find you, inbound marketing identifies the consumers who are most likely to respond to your messaging. It creates awareness by targeting them where they are (e.g. social media, blogs, email, keyword searches). It engages them by providing interesting, informative and relevant content that funnels them from online channels to your website. It delights them with customized communications and products that meet their needs. And it nurtures the relationship through top-notch service. 

At Foundry, we understand that inbound marketing drives better outcomes and greater loyalty. And the foundation of successful inbound marketing is excellent content marketing. As an inbound marketing agency, we are dedicated to building and implementing a content marketing strategy that fits with your organization’s brand, budget and goals.

Our Content Marketing Services

As a content marketing and inbound marketing agency, Foundry offers a full suite of services, from strategic planning to content creation to reporting and analysis.

Our content marketing services include:

  • Content Strategy & Development
    Through research and strategic planning, we ensure that every piece of content is purpose driven and deliberate. Our marketing team works with you to establish your brand objectives and goals. We identify your target audience. Our data team then employs web analytics to determine where, when and how to best reach them. From there, we are able to develop a content framework and schedule.
  • Content Creation & Optimization
    Our content is written for humans and optimized for algorithms. Foundry’s talented copywriters specialize in engaging storytelling, accuracy and readability. They also work closely with our digital team to incorporate SEO best practices that drive it to the top of search engine results. Our professional design team ensures the copy is appropriately formatted and accompanied by interesting, relevant visuals and a great user experience.
  • Content Distribution & Promotion
    Once the content is created, we distribute it across the relevant channels. We have experience placing media across all major online platforms, including websites, blogs and social media. We use analytics to determine the best times to post for maximum exposure, and we work with our third party contacts to help promote your materials organically.
  • Content Reporting & Analysis
    Constant monitoring and consistent reporting mean that we can analyze results against your campaign goals. This allows us to see what is working, modify tactics when needed and concentrate resources where they are most impactful.

Our Content Marketing Products

Foundry’s experienced content marketing services team helps determine what type of content works best for your intended audience, as well as produces compelling content through professional writing, design, videography, editing and more.

Our content marketing products include:

  • White Papers
    These informative guides offer a concise presentation of facts or explanation of an issue within your industry. (for example, a firm offering IT security software might publish a paper on the 10 biggest cyber security threats facing small businesses). They should be well-researched and easy to read, with good graphic design and formatting. Typically, individuals can download or receive a free email copy by visiting your website, helping increase organic traffic.
  • Blog Posts
    Blog posts are among the most commonly shared forms of media on the web, and studies show that they generate three times more leads than paid online advertising (HubSpot). A blog can be updated frequently with a combination of timely and evergreen content, allowing for continued engagement with your audience. Search engines like Google favor long-form content blogs, and our digital team specializes in optimizing copy to be shared and move up the results page.
  • Website Copy
    Typically, the goal of content marketing is to drive customers to your website, where you can engage with them further. As a result, your website serves as the hub for all your digital and content marketing efforts. We specialize in content that is fresh, interesting, relevant and appropriate to your audience. We also work with our web development team to ensure that all messaging incorporates the formatting, keywords and links that help it rise to the top of search engine results.
  • Social Posts
    Too often, social media posts are an afterthought. We help develop on-brand content that is compelling, consistent and platform-specific. Our creative team specializes in arresting visual imagery and high-quality copy that resonates with your audience. We then employ customized metrics to determine the best time to post content for maximum user engagement.
  • Newsletters & Email Copy
    Chances are, you may already be connecting with consumers through newsletters or emails. Direct, well-targeted and curated email communications with current and prospective customers offer high return on investment (ROI). We help elevate these communications with timely, relevant information that drives traffic to your site.
  • Videos
    The average individual watches 100 minutes of online video per day (Zenith). Video content is strongly linked with increased user engagement, consumer retention, conversions and sales. Our in-house production team specializes in creating video that blends technical expertise with great storytelling and compelling visuals.

“Foundry leads through analysis, experience and creativity. They give high importance to our ROI in relation to marketing budget. The team members compliment each other in real-world experience and offer solutions in and out of scope of work.  They are able to identify strategies to significantly increase our page rankings in a short amount of time. All meetings/discussions are fruitful with brainstorming, exceptional listening skills and deep understanding of the digital marketing world.”

– Tracy Harven, CMO, TableForce