Integrated Marketing

An Integrated Marketing Agency That Inspires

When we say that Foundry is an “integrated marketing agency,” what we really mean is that we offer a full-service approach to reaching your customers.

Integrated marketing combines your organization’s branding, public relations and advertising functions and deploys them across a variety of channels, from “traditional” vehicles like print, radio and television to website, social and digital media.

Instead of focusing on individual, “one-off” marketing services, integrated marketing recognizes all marketing elements as interconnected and part of a larger buyer’s journey. We know that consumers don’t receive information in a vacuum, and the compounding effect of multiple, well-targeted and on-brand messages directly impacts consumer behavior.

Integrated marketing also enables your organization to both understand and cater to the consumer experience by providing data across multiple channels, creating an unparalleled platform for building stronger, long-term relationships.

Our Services

At Foundry, we love linking good people with good products and services, and our integrated marketing services allow us to make a lot of powerful connections in the process. We integrate strategies with tactics. We integrate brand with performance marketing. We integrate public relations with advertising functions. And we integrate traditional media with digital media.

Today, more than any time in the past, digital marketing serves as a powerful platform for your organization to share its message, increasing awareness, interest and sales via the Internet and connected devices. Our team at Foundry specializes in marrying the use of traditional media outlets like print, radio and television with a strong online presence, including website design and content creation, search engine optimization and social media.

Foundry is proud to partner with clients across a wide variety of industries, including gaming, travel and hospitality, sports and entertainment, retail and more. Together, we create, develop and manage integrated marketing campaigns that drive real results.

Foundry offers a suite of digital marketing options that can be mixed and matched to meet your individual needs.

What to Expect When Working With Us

Working with an integrated marketing agency like Foundry is truly a full-service experience. We start with a strategic vision, built around your brand and budget, and translate that to a custom integrated marketing campaign, with effective content designed to reach your target audience across multiple channels.

Our team of creative thinkers, content mavens and artistic professionals then work together to develop consistent, cohesive messaging, and our media experts and data gurus help ensure that messaging its placed where your customers will see and act on it.

Creating compelling content, choosing the right media channels and implementing your integrated marketing strategy is only the beginning, though. Once your campaign is up and running, we continually monitor and provide clear, data-driven results. In this way, we are able to evaluate and refine our work to ensure you are reaching your customers in the most effective and efficient manner.

Integrated Marketing Brings It All Together

There are many benefits to working with an integrated marketing agency. At Foundry, we think of these benefits as the three Cs, resulting in campaigns that are comprehensive, cohesive and consistent.

But how do the three Cs actually translate to your organization?

First, integrated marketing develops one comprehensive strategy for all communication with consumers and employs a variety of tactics to share that message. It offers a streamlined, cohesive marketing plan for your organization built around your brand, goals and budget. And, perhaps most importantly, it improves the consumer experience, offering consistent and targeted messaging that inspires action and increases your bottom line.

Research indicates that 70 percent of consumers utilize three (or more) forms of media when researching a purchase (Forbes 2018). The more times they interact with your consistent and well-crafted message, the more likely they are to recall that message, trust your expertise in the field and actually make a purchase. In fact, studies show “that consumers viewing a constant message across a variety of channels can improve purchase intent by 90 percent and brand perception by 68 percent” (Interactive Advertising Bureau 2017).

“I have had the pleasure of working with Foundry for over a decade now. In that time, their contract has been extended several times, never once going out to bid, for one simple reason – Foundry is more than just our agency of record. They are a true partner with Inn of the Mountain Gods, supporting us with digital, social, media, branding, public relations and more.”

– Sarah Kazhe-Kirgan, Director of Marketing, Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino