Dolan Auto Group


Dolan Auto Group has been one of the leading businesses in the northern Nevada community for over 25 years. The company was built on family values, hard work and philanthropy. In recent years, this multi-generational, family-owned business has been reinventing the way automotive dealers work with their customers, and Foundry has been along for the ride every step of the way, working closely with Dolan Auto Group as their agency for over two decades.

Recently Dolan Auto Group restructured their business model to eliminate commissions. They elevated the training of their staff to become Product Specialists and Service Technicians. And they built new luxury dealerships to match the luxury experience.


Together, we have worked closely with Dolan Auto Group to define the five values that shape their culture – service, passion, community, excellence and family – and have built our campaign messages to support these values. We also created the “Get in and join the family” tagline that has become a mainstay in our community, as well as worked with them to develop charitable programs like “Dolan Class Project” and key sponsorships, helping shape the local perception that they are great community partners who love where they live.

Key Takeaways

Our messaging is unique in the market because we choose to not focus on the vehicles or the deals, but rather on the relationships and the experience. It is this approach that has helped create a loyal customer base that spans generations – one that appreciates the no commission, no pressure environment and a refreshing change from the typical auto dealership experience.