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Renown Health Foundation oversees the coordination and fundraising for Renown Health for northern Nevada and eastern California initiatives. We were asked by the Foundation to concept and develop a high-end booklet to arm their donor relations team in regard to a new hospice care center.


The Hospice House is going to be first of its kind in the area, and they wanted a piece to educate people about the importance and the need for this type of facility in the community, and most importantly, entice them to donate. 

Taking a cue from the center’s architectural concepts, the brochure was designed to capture the same tranquil and nature-inspired tone. Along with conveying the vision of the center, we wanted to make the piece as beautiful as it was informative. We tied in  Renown’s signature purple color palette along with labyrinth and butterfly symbolism.

Key Takeaways

Renown Health Foundation has been using the piece to fundraise with the anticipation of opening by Fall 2021. Hospice care is a delicate subject matter, but working closely with the Foundation, we managed to create an uplifting piece that reflected the healing nature of the center.