Senior Care Plus


Senior Care Plus is a Medicare Advantage Plan located in Nevada that is dedicated to providing affordable benefits to seniors that go beyond Medicare.


Our goal with Senior Care Plus was to increase enrollment and grow the Senior Care Plus membership. We accomplished this by setting them apart from the competition, portraying Senior Care Plus as a local company that goes beyond providing benefits to truly caring about its members.

We positioned Senior Care Plus as more than just a Medicare Advantage Plan, but rather the local company that cares for its members as though they are family. We featured real members whose lives have been improved by Senior Care Plus, sharing their stories and making them the stars of our campaign while also clearly communicating key benefits and essential enrollment information. In 2018, we updated the Senior Care Plus campaign to match that of Hometown Health. Part of the same healthcare network, Hometown Health offers coverage to individuals, small groups and large groups. Members of Hometown Health eventually “age in” to become eligible to be Senior Care Plus members. By creating a unified look that covers both entities, we were able to essentially double our branding presence in our market while also making the transition for members from Hometown Health member to Senior Care Plus member seamless. These efforts have resulted in a steady increase in membership and provide greater long-term loyalty and stability.

Key Takeaways

Through continuous A/B testing, we were able to hone the messaging to seniors to increase performance during the 2019 enrollment period, resulting in a month-over-month increase in conversions, proving that constant monitoring of analytics and adjusting of messaging did garner positive results – 492 conversions through our digital efforts, to be specific. We also helped introduce Senior Care Plus to the Southern Nevada market, using ComScore data to hone in on cable networks/dayparts for adults 65+.