Ski Apache


Ski Apache is a great warm-weather ski resort located in New Mexico with four seasons of outdoor fun and recreation for the whole family. However, until recently the resort was perceived as a seasonal ski resort only. The property desired to expand their resort offerings and market themselves as a four-season resort, introducing new attractions and amenities such as a zipline, mountain biking and hiking trails and a paintball zone.


Foundry launched a new campaign titled “Elements” that focused on the mountain as a year-round destination for anyone, regardless of skill level – a place where anyone can find their element of interest. A mixed-media strategy was needed to reach broader audiences in multiple media markets and drive traffic to the newly revamped website. Additionally, we overhauled the website to shift its messaging, imagery and even color palette with the seasons, highlighting winter-based activities in winter and summer-based activities in summer, thus creating a more customized experience.

The Results

Comparing the results of 2017 to 2018, the online revenue increased by 68.3%, with organic and paid search being the main drivers. As a result of the success of our off-season efforts, it provided greater momentum leading into the winter season and has reshaped the perception of Ski Apache as a year-round destination.