Media Relations

Media Relations That Build Relationships

What, exactly, is media relations? Though the term is sometimes used interchangeably with “public relations,” there are important distinctions between the two.

Public relations generally refers to communication that an organization has with any internal or external stakeholders, including employees, customers, community members and, yes, the media. Media relations, on the other hand, refers specifically to an organization’s interactions with members of the press. The goal of media relations is to present news outlets with compelling narrative about your organization that they can then share with the larger public.

This positive press coverage is considered “earned media,” and it has benefits far beyond free publicity. The fact that your story is covered by a trusted third party helps generate interest and establish credibility. It also has the power to shape a favorable perception of your brand among audiences, especially those who are not familiar with your organization.

As an experienced media relations agency, Foundry is focused on helping our clients find the right stories to share and the right news outlets with whom to share them. We do this with thorough and thoughtful brand messaging and media relationships cultivated through trust, tact and time.

What to Expect When Working With Us

As a media relations agency with decades of experience in the field, Foundry understands the importance of building trusted relationships with our clients and our media partners. To do so, we leverage the talents of our full team, including our in-house account executives, data analysts, copy writers, designers, videographers, marketers and more. 

We work to understand the brand, along with the needs and audiences of all parties. We perform research and draw on our deep knowledge of various media channels. We identify where areas of interest overlap. And we create accurate, relevant, timely and compelling content that the press loves to cover.

The result? We deliver customized media relations services that help our clients increase brand awareness, enhance reputation and engage with consumers.

Our Media Relations Services

Your organization is unique. Your media relations strategy and tactics should be as well. As a full-service press relations agency, Foundry takes a proactive approach to telling our clients’ stories, with a variety of media relations services to help meet your goals.

  • Media Strategy & Planning
    Media strategy and planning are the framework on which we build our clients’ narratives. Our team collaborates with you to focus on what makes your organization special and articulate your goals effectively. We develop a strategy–based on research and tailored to your brand and budget–to highlight these strengths and meet these goals. We then build a media plan and editorial calendar, including proposed content, channels and publication dates, to ensure consistent and comprehensive press coverage.
  • Story Mining & Messaging
    We’re going to say it: sometimes your news might not appear newsworthy at first glance. Our skilled creative team works with clients to take their news and make it the next headline. A few tweaks, a shift in angle, change in strategic timing or aligning with a developing trend can make the difference in an announcement fizzling out or growing roots. We also make sure that your messaging aligns with your organization’s values and goals through content that is clear, compelling, relevant and effective.
  • Media Outreach
    Deep-rooted media relationships are at our very core. Over the past several decades, our experienced media relations team has worked with journalists across top local, national and international media outlets. We know the importance of pitching the right story to the right editor or reporter. From feature stories to event coverage, we secure powerful storytelling opportunities for your company. 
  • FAM Trip Coordination
    We have worked extensively with destination-related clients planning, implementing and measuring the success of familiarization trips, or FAM trips for short. These customized itineraries, tailored to carefully curated media lists, can create an experience and tell a story that a press release cannot. 
  • Media Training
    Foundry’s experienced team offers in-depth media training, preparation and support for navigating relationships with the press. This often includes developing key messages and talking points, polishing delivery, practicing for interviews, press conferences or other media interactions, and more. We take pride in providing you with the tools to communicate accurately, tactfully and effectively with the media.
  • Media Monitoring and Tracking
    Our public relations team uses powerful digital tools to monitor and track your earned media mentions, as well as issues relevant to your brand and industry. The result is a transparent reporting process that allows us to analyze outcomes in relation to your organization’s goals. This allows us to make improvements when necessary and proactively identify new opportunities to tell your story. 

“Our relationship with Foundry goes back over 20 years. Together, we have worked hard to create a distinctive brand for Dolan Auto Group that we feel is truly unique in the automotive category. They bring big ideas, work well with our team and are a very valued partner.”

– Ryan Dolan, Principal-CEO, Dolan Auto Group