Sports & Entertainment

Whatever the event, we’ll help you be the GOAT

Sports and entertainment have long been interwoven with our culture and identity. And while they are two distinct industries, both sports and entertainment share the common goal of forging deep connections with their fans and delivering unforgettable live event experiences. Furthermore, in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, audiences have come to expect constant engagement with the celebrities and teams that they follow.

For more than 20 years, Foundry has partnered with premier teams, musicians, talent managers, and others to build lasting brands, generate excitement, increase engagement and attendance and inspire audience loyalty.

As a full-service sports and entertainment marketing agency, we take an integrated approach to sports and entertainment marketing services, actively seeking out new opportunities to meet audiences where they are and generating maximum return on investment for our clients.

From enhancing a celebrity’s brand to connecting sports teams with their fan base to promoting standalone events, Foundry is an entertainment and sports marketing agency that does it all.

Our in-house team of experts specializes in the following:

Your brand is your identity and serves as the cornerstone for all other marketing efforts. We help you define and/or refine that identity–and then share it with the world.

From logos to print advertising to video and photography to collateral, the Foundry creative services team does it all, resulting in professional and cohesive campaigns and merchandising opportunities.

The Internet is a powerful and far-reaching way to promote your brand and events to a global audience. We utilize data analytics and strategic insights to boost your web and social media presence and optimize user experience.

One of the surest ways to build connection with your fan base is to share your story in a consistent and compelling way across a variety of mediums. We understand the power of good storytelling and have the media connections to make that happen.

Knowing where, when and how much to spend on paid advertising is both an art and a science. Our media planning and buying team are experts when it comes to effective, cost-efficient media placements across both traditional and digital mediums.

A holistic approach to forging fan connections

Foundry’s decades of experience as an entertainment and sports marketing agency means that we understand the pivotal role that industry figures and events play in the lives of their fans.

We also understand that effective, successful sports and entertainment marketing is not just about reaching eyeballs, generating likes or even boosting ticket sales. At its core, it is about building and sustaining relationships over time and across mediums.

That is why we are proud of the strong and lasting relationships that we have built with our clients in the sports and entertainment industry. And it is why we are especially gratified by helping our clients forge lasting connections with their existing fan base while engaging with new audiences.

Let our sports and marketing services team create a solution customized to the unique needs of your brand, experience and audience.