Michael Lindsey

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Professional Profile

Stemming from a love for drawing, designing gig posters and mix CD album artwork, and photoshopping his friends to look weird, Michael began his graphic design career in 2013 as a designer in the TMCC Marketing and Communications Office. During that time, he won an AAF Gold and Silver Addy Award in the Student Category, was awarded Student Employee of the Year for the State of Nevada by The Western Association of Student Employment Administrators in 2014, and won a Silver Medallion Award from The National Council for Marketing & Public Relations. Before joining forces with the Foundry team in 2017, Michael continued to hone his skills as a designer at Amplify Relations and as a freelance designer and photographer for clients such as Tahoe Nevada Love and AgileOne.

Comical Stoic


candid photography


petting dogs

making music

visual art